You can Breathe and Look Better with the Best Plastic Surgeon

Many reasons drive people to consult The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Some people need surgery for their nose to breathe better, sleep better or just look better. Other people opt to have a wrinkle reduction, a forehead lift, or if they want to look more youthful, opted for rhinoplasty, browlift, and eye rejuvenation. Some people need facial reconstruction because they’ve been traumatized or have cancer.

There are several questions you should answer, aside from searching for “plastic surgeon Houston”, before choosing the right plastic surgeon.

You should consider the following when looking for a cosmetic surgeon:

Are they board certified? To verify, you can go to the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons website (, as well as the American Board of Medical Specialties. It is a harsh reality that doctors of all kinds can perform almost any surgery. Internal medicine specialists can also perform breast enhancement if they choose to. Choose a certified facial plastic surgery board. This will ensure that you are working with a surgeon who has undergone years of surgery training and taken all the necessary exams. They also continue their education in medicine through continuing study, which is confirmed by an examination. Trust a specialist to perform any facial surgery.

Has s/he published? Publication is not only for academics and authors. The most cutting edge surgeons are also publishing. If you’re looking for the top plastic surgeons in Houston, find out if they have any published research on their field. When a doctor’s work is published in respected medical journals, this shows expertise.

Do you know if the surgeon has any active lawsuits? Visit the site of the state medical board to check whether the plastic surgeon you’re considering is involved in any malpractice lawsuits. Also, you can find out if the state medical board has taken any disciplinary measures against your chosen candidate as best plastic surgeon Houston.

Do they have privileges at a hospital? Hospitals do background checks. This means that, if there is no hospital privilege at your prospective surgeon’s disposal, it may be because the reason for this could be bad.

Do they perform the desired procedure often? It’s time to look for another surgeon if it has been many years since he or she worked on your deviated Septum. It is a fact that, the best plastic surgeon for facial surgery in Houston does these procedures frequently. It is through this that s/he has become very proficient.

Do they propose to do more surgery than you wanted or on areas you didn’t even intend? The same is true for plastic surgery. It could even be your life. You should be wary of any plastic surgeons who suggest a facial lift when all you really want is a rhinoplasty. Surgeons who push for multiple operations are usually just thinking about the dollar signs while they examine you. It is okay to alter the scope and focus of what you require, as long as you are comfortable with it. Get a second opinion in case you doubt anything. Trust your surgeon before you embark on surgery.